When Call Your Mother opens next year in the former Alfie’s space in Park View, the deli will specialize in bagels. Not Montreal bagels. Not New York bagels. But something of a hybrid developed by the team behind Timber Pizza, the Petworth shop that was recently named Pizzeria of the Year by Bon Appétit.

The wood-fired bagels will feature the sweetness of Montreal bagels and the chew of boiled-and-baked New York bagels, said Andrew Dana, co-founder of Timber and a partner in Call Your Mother. Dana has helped Timber chef Daniela Moreira develop the recipe after a lot of testing as well as a two-day bagel workshop at the experimental Smoke Signals bakery in North Carolina.

“We sort of take the best of both worlds,” Dana said. “We’re pulling the elements that we like out of both” New York and Montreal bagels. As such, the owners are considering the name “New Montreal bagels.”

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