Here’s a chance to try mixologist Todd Thrasher’s tiki cocktails well before his highly anticipated Potomac Distilling Company opens at the Wharf this fall. Thrasher will host a sneak peek of his upcoming three-story distillery and drinking destination’s Polynesian-style neighborhood tavern, Tiki TNT, at U Street tiki bar Archipelago later this month.

He’ll be there at Archipelago at 12th and U Streets for three separate pop-up events, previewing fifteen tiki-style cocktails. The first event kicks off on September 17, then Thrasher will be there for the next two consecutive Mondays (September 24 and October 1).

Potomac Distilling Company is now slated to open in November, and these Archipelago pop-up events will be a chance for Thrasher to get feedback on his tiki drinks beforehand: visitors will even be able to vote on their favorites.

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