Washington, D.C.-based restaurant general contractor, Hospitality Construction Services, was recently tapped by Jonas Singer and Cullen Gilchrist to construct a second location for the area’s well-known food incubator, Union Kitchen. Rob Mescolotto, founder and owner of the construction firm, brought the new space to life by value engineering a communal kitchen space that is both functional and cost-effective. This project, which will give food startups the means to thrive and grow, is a welcomed addition to the up and coming Ivy City neighborhood.

Mescolotto and his team created: A 4-to-5-inch concrete curb underneath the walls, allowing for regular cleanings that would not affect the concrete and epoxy flooring;Clean ceiling tiles, roll-up doors for food trucks to load and unload, grease interceptors built below the floor, and massive walk-in freezers and refrigerators;Empty, rentable areas that have all the connectors built in for equipment, but are left open for customization.

Hospitality Construction Services kept the Union Kitchen project well under budget by paying close attention to the layout, avoiding fire wrap installation, modifying the PVC piping, and installing equipment intelligently.