Every so often, we’ll take a peek into the culinary lives of DC’s international ambassadors. They’re a unique lot, given that they entertain extensively, see food as a key part of diplomacy, and employ resident chefs. But where do they eat on their off time? And where do they seek out flavors of home?

First up: Her Excellency Maguy Maccario Doyle, Ambassador of Monaco.

How long she has lived in Washington: Since being appointed Ambassador in December 2013.

Fun fact: In the ‘90s, Doyle was one of the first women admitted to the New York chapter of prestigious wine society Commanderie de Bordeaux.

What has changed about cuisine in the U.S. since you came here?
“Things have changed a lot since I came to the U.S. in the 1970s, when the only options seemed to be formal Cordon Bleu-type restaurants. I also remember going to “two martini” luncheons where wine was a cocktail. The wine scene in the U.S. is even more impressive today, especially many of the wines coming from Virginia.”

What do you think about the food scene in D.C.?
“I think it is wonderful. There is a new restaurant popping up every day. My job is quite formal so I love to try more informal restaurants. Meiwah is great for peking duck and the Dabney is another excellent, unpretentious favorite.”

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