Congrats to Mike Isabella! Northern Virginia Magazine just named Kapnos Taverna #9 on their 50 best restaurant list

From: Northern Virginia Magazine.  By Stefanie Gans / Photography by Rey Lopez & Jonathan Timmes

What’s for dinner?

It’s screamed to moms and dads when kids push through the door after soccer practice. It’s proposed to roommates as an invitation for grubbing at the dining hall. It’s IMed to spouses during a lull in the afternoon workday. Where do you want to eat? What are you in the mood for?

In the ever-growing, ever-improving Northern Virginia restaurant scene, finding a place for dinner is getting easier. And harder.

This year’s list includes new restaurants and restaurants with renewed vision. There’s fine-dining Filipino, soothing Saudi and, in this age of garden glam, dinner on a farm.

This is what’s for dinner.

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