We’re about to enter a long stretch of the year when we’re basically forced to stay inside — that’s right, no more patios or roof decks till spring. And if you must be indoors, why not seek some sultry surroundings? Whether you’ve got a hot date or just feel like dressing to the nines and hanging out with some friends, here are 10 spots where the setting is every bit as sexy as the food and drink:

Natalie Park Design Studio used keyhole arches and bold blue and bronze hues in the eye-catching dining room to evoke a modern take on classic Moroccan and Spanish architecture. The entryway features laser-cut bronze panels with light shining through, which is your first clue that the space will be filled with geometric designs and patterned textiles. Isabella’s father-in-law, Charlie Nemeth, provided custom woodwork for the tabletops and a natural-edge elm table in the private dining room, which accommodates 12.

901 Massachusetts Ave. NW; 202-869-3300

Tiger Fork
Despite the fact that it’s located in an alley, it’s not tough to find this sexy number once you get yourself to the right general area — just look for its red facade, neon sign and striking octagonal window. Inside feels equally transporting, which was the idea since the dream team at Edit Lab at Streetsense, Lauren Winter and Brian Miller, traveled to Hong Kong for inspiration. They absorbed everything from the plastic red lights of Kowloon City Market to the patched sidewalks and bamboo scaffolding. Murals painted by Baltimore tattoo artist Kike Castillo add to the edgy vibe.

922 N St. NW (rear); 202-733-1152

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